Tipo Pasta Bar
Tipo Pasta Bar
Tipo Pasta Bar

Reaching out for a box of dry spaghetti and bottled pasta sauce is what college kids do. Not here, not us.

Food is always a solace where we’re living abroad and far from everything familiar to us. So our love for fresh and artisanal pasta grew exponentially and we became greedy to learn more. In the home kitchens of our hosts, we whipped up dinners for pasta nights and fed our roommates during those 4am assignment deadlines.

In memory of those tough nights and of course, our love for carbs, Tipo Pasta Bar is about the celebration of artisanal produce. Where pasta are handcrafted and reimagined to be something more than just out of a packaged box.

785 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198753
+65 8768 0785