The Foliage Arrangement / by Calvin Seah

SANTAP, 16 Madras Street, Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Images by Amiera Raushan - - Words by Syafiqah J

Plants have always been a part of The Black Hole Group - in our office, our cafes and even our individual homes. With the latest addition to our growing list of brands, it was a no brainer for Santap to be dotted with pots of greenery.

This time, we decided to step up our greenery game on this clean slate by weaving in a mix of succulents and hanging plants. 

Why plants, you may ask? Well, they just bring both aesthetic and olfactory goodness to a space. They are an instant mood lifter. A character changer. A purifier.


Whether you choose an indoor dining experience or lounging the al fresco way at Santap, indulge in a wholesome feast whilst being surrounded by curated English Ivy, Spider plants, Strings of Pearls and an abundance of leafy greens.  

Our very own mini urban jungle - a dream come true for the nature lover in us.